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Everyone has a story about how they came to practice yoga. Mine started back in the early 80s when there were hardly any studios to be found. I had known about yoga since my teens but hadn’t experienced it first-hand. I grew up in a household where health and well-being were part of our upbringing. My mother had a juicer in the 70s, way before they became hip! She also owned a metaphysical book store that sold books, candles, herbal tea, and all other offerings that one may want in the exploration of that lifestyle. At the age of 17, I read a book she carried on fasting and went on a week-long liquid fast which was life-changing. From there, I became a vegetarian and have been ever since. Yoga books were also sold at my mother’s store though she did not practice yoga herself. In fact, I didn’t really know anyone back then that did. One day, after moving to New York in the 80s, a co-worker invited me to a yoga class with her in the village at the Integral Yoga Institute. I didn’t know what to expect walking into the studio and certainly didn’t know what to wear, so I pulled out my dance leotards and bodysuits. I so vividly remember walking into this dark room - the smell of incense and seeing all the men and women standing on their mats with such intentional postures. I was excited while also a bit intimated in that first class. I grew up as a dancer, so I understood a lot about my body, but I learned so much more over these years within my yoga practice. The connection between mind and body, and the importance they play is crucial to one’s overall health and well-being. 

Woman doing yoga wearing Nuudii Tee System

It’s amazing to think that the practice would come to be adopted by the Western World enough to have a whole clothing industry form with hundreds of yoga clothing brands available today. Nowadays, we are all in search of the best yoga clothing. The dedicated yogis are still wearing traditional light, flowy tops, and pants so that they are not constricted while practicing. The best yoga clothes are ones that allow free movement and breath. And guess what? Our Nuudii Tee System does exactly that! Nuudii is not a bra or bralette. It is made with a stretch fabric that allows free movement. If you haven’t tried a Nuudii yet and are thinking about one, take a look at the page - Is Nuudii for me?

Yoga clothing brands usually offer a wide selection of yoga bras. As someone who practiced long before the creation of Nuudii, I had yet to find a yoga wear brand that sold a yoga bra that properly held my twins in while I was in downward dog!

Through trial and error, and loads of testing on 500+ women, the Nuudii Tee System was developed with the 12+ plus ways of wearing. One of the ways of wearing, where you cross the middle straps over your head, making an X across your chest, closes the open gap between your boobs which makes it perfect for yoga.

Having that gap between your boobs (that exists with so many yoga bras) while doing a headstand, or being in the triangle position is tricky. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself in a compromising position trying to tuck myself back into place while gracefully moving from one position to another. With most of thetop yoga brands selling such a wide variety of fabulous yoga wear, maybe they forgot about our twins and their need to feel secure but not constricted during our practice. 

Nuudii System was recently featured in the Yoga Journal issue on “From the Mat to the Street” found here. In this feature, the model is wearing her Nuudii with the inner straps crossed as this is the best way to wear your Nuudii for yoga.

Yoga Journal Write Up Featuring Nuudii System from mat to street

Nuudii is a boobwear body essential truly made for your lifestyle in mind. Nuudii System’s versatility allows for a minimalistic life,own less - live more.Don’t just believe us, read what our customers are saying!

Comfortable for work, yoga, or even sleep! I love how comfortable the Nuudii bra is! I can wear it under my scrubs for work, to a yoga class, and I don’t even think twice if I size off wearing it.” -Melissa L. 

Nuudii isn’t just pretty, it’s functional. It has a 360-degree stretch so it hugs all your natural curves and moves with you. Nuudii’s fabric also has wicking properties so you don’t have to deal with lots of boob sweat while you are practicing. Nuudii is especially good to wear for hot yoga, and doesn’t need an outer layer so you can stay cool without distractions!

There is nothing better than easy care and easy wear when you live an active lifestyle. Nuudii can be machine washed and dried.

For the dedicated yogis who practice daily, Nuudii is great to pop into your carry-on when you travel as it weighs only 1.5 ounces and comes in a travel/wash pouch. No need to pack loads of bras, bralettes, or sports bras, just bring Nuudii.

From mat to dinner, Nuudii can adapt to your lifestyle with its endless ways of wearingWhat colors are you wearing this season? We always stock our core colorsand every season sprinkle in some limited edition colors and prints. Add-on our accessory kit to transform your Nuudii to fit your style - two-strap to one - racer back - low sides - one-shoulder- no problem.

Nuudii has its own unique sizing system. It uses a two-letter system, the first letter is for the band and the second for the cradle. Don’t know your size? Check out our Size Guide. If you’re still unsure, you can book a personal session with our stylist who can help you find the best Nuudii size for you and can also help you style Nuudii under clothing.

Our newest system, the Halter System (wayyy better than any halter bralette), can be used for yoga but does not work for all bodies, (or boobies) depending on their size and fullness.

Comfort is key for yoga and for life. When you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, you are able to reconnect and listen to what your body needs without feeling squeezed or out of breath which is vital for movement.

Whether you’re a long-time yoga lover or just beginning your practice, Nuudii may be the best yoga clothing to wear... at least for the top half of your body.

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