The Benefits of Going Braless

By Contributor Devon Keeler

You’ve finally reached the end of your day, whatever that looks like for you. Maybe you’ve just gotten home from a long day at work, taken off your shoes, and sat down to decompress. Maybe the kids are finally in pajamas, teeth brushed, and tucked in bed. Maybe your final Zoom meeting just finished and you no longer have to be “business on top”. Maybe your errands are done and you now don’t have to see another soul until tomorrow (where are my introverts at?). Regardless, if you have boobs, you probably know what comes next. Off comes the bra and you can breathe and move like your body is meant to! It’s a quintessential moment, one to which so many boob owners can relate. Obviously, there are emotional benefits of not wearing a bra: that sigh of relief, that relaxation in knowing the pressure is gone for today. However, did you know there are overall health benefits of going braless too? Read on to learn the favors you can do for your body by freeing up the tatas!

woman wearing Nuudii Tee System under jumpsuit

If you think about it, humans have not always contained their boobs. Imagine a primitive being – maybe wearing loose-fitting animal hides if the climate is cold, but in warmer weather, likely clad in nothing at all. It’s a VERY different view from the one we have of women in today’s world where we’re taught that constriction is necessary to achieve beauty and professionalism. I remember the specific moment as a young girl when my friend’s mom told me I needed to start wearing a bra. Cue self-doubt, self-conscious thoughts, and an overall hyperawareness to how I thought my boobs looked to the outside world. I imagine many others have had similar experiences. At Nuudii, this is the culture we want to confidently squash. Our boobwear supports without forcing a human body into a shape driven by societal pressures and expectations. What began as our founder creating for herself, turned into a team of proud boob owners, ethically and thoughtfully creating garments to share with other boob owners.

Historically, bras have been created for the purpose of shaping and aesthetics.  If you’ve ever worn a bra in today’s world, you can probably attest to that constricting your body in this way is not the most physically comfortable. There are reasons why women come can’t wait to take them off at the end of the day! While research on the health effects of wearing bras is often lacking or inconclusive, a peer-reviewed study has supported that wearing a bra restricts shoulder mobility. In addition, another study determined that a majority of women wear incorrectly sized bras and that changes in breasts throughout the menstrual cycle influence the fit of the bra (duh… hello large-and-in-charge girls during PMS). It’s suggested that poor fit of such garments is more likely the driver behind why most women experience some level of discomfort when wearing breast support, rather than just the act of wearing a bra. This is supported by other sources (here and here) in agreement that the source of upper back pain, breast discomfort, skin damage, neck tension and headaches, and poor posture can be attributed to those ill-fitting boulder holders.

In a clinical review, experts also discuss the effects of bra use on lymph and venous flow saying that, “often inappropriate pressure on the shoulder and lateral chest provided by the wearer’s bra (in the case of a woman), means that there are often very significant issues of fluid accumulation (initially) and fibre (later) in this area.” The lymphatic system functions as a part of the circulatory and immune systems, allowing the regulation and transportation of fluid throughout the body. This movement – carrying dissolved gases, nutrients, salts, immune cells, and the waste materials that your body naturally produces – is critical to its overall existence. You have probably heard that the human body is 70% percent water; water that is constantly moving and flowing. When restrictive clothing puts constant pressure on vessels and lymph nodes of the upper chest, it’s no surprise that the function of those tissues and organs may be negatively affected.

Not wearing a bra benefits physical health and can alleviate discomfort. We all know that feeling that we (and our skin) can breathe after we #freethenipple!  Going braless benefits our skin by allowing moisture to naturally dissipate and reducing potential for clogged pores. Other benefits of wearing no bra can also include improved circulation and reduced neck and back tension. Some have heard the myth that skipping the bra will make your boobs sag more than if you consistently wear one. On the contrary, routinely going braless helps develop more upper body and chest muscle tone. Think about it. More room to move freely means more range of motion, more movement, and more developed muscles. Larger pectoral muscles can even make the girls look bigger and higher if that’s something you’re into. 

Last, but most certainly not least, nixing the bra can result in more comfortable humans. Health doesn’t simply span our physical wellness and happier also usually means healthier. I challenge you to ask yourself why you wear a bra in the first place. What is uncomfortable to you about showing and feeling your true form; about letting your body exist and move unaltered by restrictive clothing? Oftentimes, it’s simply because of the things we’re taught growing up and learn to accept. Ask yourself if the reasons behind your choice to constrict your body come from within yourself or from some societal norm. If it doesn’t bring you joy, ditch it. It’s a big leap to make and it’s ok if your favorite pushup still makes you feel sexy! However, here at Nuudii, we think bodies are beautiful without enhancement and ask you to consider joining our Booby Positive movement.

On that note, asking someone to seek the physical and mental health benefits of not wearing a bra when they have routinely worn one close to every day for years can be a big ask! Not all people are comfortable wearing their favorite dress or top without the shaping and support of a bra underneath. It totally makes sense that losing the points of contact from a bra might be REALLY uncomfortable and feel very vulnerable, especially for those with larger boobs.  So where do we go from here? How do we give ourselves the support we crave while also assertively prioritizing our own bodies, health, and comfort (because really, this is where it’s at…)?

woman wearing a tank top that says "not a bra"

Here is where Nuudii System steps in. Our unique design is a middle ground between wearing traditional bras and going braless that still allows for many of the no bra benefits. The fabric is incredibly thin and breathable with minimal coverage, making it healthier for your skin than heavily padded, wired contraptions made with layers upon layers of fabric. Our boobwear also offers light support, allowing the body to move in natural ways, leaving room for proper circulation. Many have left reviews saying that their Nuudii is supportive while also feeling very lightweight and flexible. In addition, our fabric has a 360° stretch, giving your girls the freedom to grow, shrink, and slightly change shape as your hormones fluctuate. This is a step towards minimizing the occurrence of ill-fitting bras that give so many users discomfort. The Nuudii Tee System can be worn in 12+ different ways, taking into account how very different bodies can be and that each individual may prefer to be supported in slightly different ways at different times or for different activities. How real-life magical is that?!

This design allows them the versatility to be worn for just about everything, making Nuudii System a valuable accessory to your wardrobe. The straps’ orientations can be tailored to specific outfits, eliminating the need to have countless bras, each to wear under individual outfits. Why not have one garment that fits all, effectively reducing energy demands of your closet, minimizing drawer space required (Nuudiis are compact, weighing 1.5 oz), and all while reaping some of those braless benefits? Unlike a bralette, the Nuudie Tee System can be worn in a variety of ways and our website even offers tips and tricks for how to wear them. Dress up in it. Practice yoga in it. Live in it.  Relax in it. Travel in it. Work in it. Hike in it. Dance in it. Step into the arena with the benefits of no bra while still feeling secure in a soft, stretchy fit that cradles your curves.

At Nuudii, we prioritize comfort, sustainability, versatility, and inclusivity in our products while also feeding the concept that our bodies don’t need to be squished, lifted, and confined into certain shapes in order to feel and be beautiful. Maybe you’re not quite ready to live that bra-free life, throwing all caution to the winds, but maybe you are ready to give something new a try in order to treat yourself like the incredible vessel that you are.

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