Pushing up, flattening down, perfectly molding, erasing the nipple - we’ve been conditioned to believe that our boobs are flawed in their natural form and that we need "support.” We’re calling BS! There’s nothing wrong with us - our boobs are boob-shaped, and we like it that way.

We are passionate about creating products that make lives easier, wardrobe choices broader, and provide comfort instead of constraint. All while offering a chance to reconnect with your body, fostering both emotional and physical well-being.

Say goodbye to a subpar fit, hardware that digs, and the feeling of being pinched, squeezed, and reshaped by a torture device known as a bra. Nuudii is an experience. Our soft formless cradles hug your natural shape, letting your boobs be boobs. Say hello to full body freedom with Nuudii System, the option between bra and braless.


Nuudii is not a bra. It’s made differently, fits differently, and functions differently. All of our products are designed with a purpose. We always start with the WHY. Does it solve a problem? Is it filling a void in the market? Does it positively impact the wearer? We ask these things so we can bring you versatile products that address your free-thinking, free-living, busy as F**K life of today.

We don’t overproduce - it just causes more waste! We manufacture according to the growing demands of our products, so you’ll rarely find us “off-loading” inventory. We are not sustainable, but we take every opportunity to operate with the highest human and planet standards.


My entire life experience prepared me for creating Nuudii System. 

From an early age, I was fortunate to be surrounded by strong women who never disparaged themselves. My family was as f*cked up as anyone else's, but body acceptance was one of the most potent inherited traits, which I embodied and passed on to my two beautiful daughters.  

The creation of Nuudii started when I got remarried and couldn’t find a first-layer light enough to wear under my wedding dress so that I wouldn’t be completely, boobs out! Ha! I decided to make something myself. Taking a fabric that was never used on boobs, my daughters and I hand-stitched the first Nuudii BAM! When I first put it on, it felt and looked like I was braless, but I wasn't!  It was like a gentle hug. I felt free and sensual. I had not experienced anything like this before.  

After 25+ years working in the fashion industry, I was in touch with women’s needs, desires, and vulnerabilities. And I was totally confident that what I experienced that day wearing Nuudii was what most women only dream of feeling. I was eager to share this with the world, so I got to work.

As our brand unfolded, I realized Nuudii had a purpose and a “why.” It was born to give women their boobs back by offering them a chance to reclaim their natural shape. 

It took many years of dedication, passion, and tenacity to develop something that had never been done before. And it took a level of bravery to go against a whole industry, namely bras, and to call out how they manipulated us these last 100 years. We were challenged along the way but not thwarted because as soon as someone would try on a Nuudii, we got strong reactions, crying, jumping for joy, screaming, hugging, or whatever…this was the fuel that kept us moving forward.

What we choose to put on our bodies does matter. It says something about how we feel about ourselves and can also influence it. So as I steer this brand's expansion, I am dedicated to producing products that bring positivity and emotional and physical well-being to all. 

My two daughters, who are an integral part of this company, and my creative, intelligent, and dedicated team of women are all inspired by what we are building…together.

Watch out! Our story has just begun to unfold, and we have so much more in store for you.

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