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Boobs are boob-shaped and we like it that way… it’s our ethos, it’s our purpose

There is nothing wrong with us. Our boobs are boob-shaped, so why should our bodies be forced into uncomfortable bras that reshape them! Nuudii believes in comfort over constraint, embracing your shape over constricting it. Nuudii System is a boobwear body essential made with your shape and your lifestyle in mind.

Enhance the cleavage, narrow the waist!

That was the sole purpose of the bras predecessor, the corset, and when society evolved to decide that less was more and introduced the modern bra, things did not get more comfortable for our breast friends. Pushing up, flattening down, perfectly molding, erasing the nipple - we’ve been conditioned to believe that our boobs are flawed in their natural form and that we need "support". Now, hundreds of years later, it’s astounding how little has changed... until now.

With Nuudii your boobs can look like boobs, not bras. Our soft formless cradle hugs your natural shape while providing a subtle lift. We don’t believe in hardware - that’s for computers. Nuudii’s unique double strap tee system can be worn 12+ ways, offering maximum versatility to address your free-thinking, free-living, busy as F**K life of today.

How Nuudii Was Born

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