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Woman sitting on a chair wearing the Nuudii Scoop System and Thong in Brownz

Hate Bras? Us too!

For so long, we’ve been conditioned to believe that our boobs are flawed in our natural form but we’re calling BS. Say goodbye to a subpar fit, hardware that digs, and the feeling of being pinched and squeezed by a torture device also known as a bra.

Say hello to boob freedom with Nuudii, the option between bra and braless.

Two women standing - one wearing a corset and the other the Nuudii Tee System in Black
Woman wearing the Nuudii Tee System in Brownz
Woman wearing the Nuudii Tee System in Brownz

“As comfortable as they claim! I love that it gives a natural shape and not a bra shape”


Nuudii size: SM

Traditional bra size: 32C

Five red stars
GIF of the Nuudii packaging being teared open

Grab-and-Go Boobwear

Using advanced technology & our patented design, we've created grab-and-go lifestyle products that fit, feel, and function differently.

Our fabric is one-of-a-kind, offers 360 degrees of stretch, and hugs your shape like no other product.

Ready to experience the freedom of Nuudii?

Three photos of a model wearing the Nuudii Scoop and Tee System

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