How to Wash Bras

It’s Sunday morning - unavoidable, demanding, maddening laundry day has once again arrived. You take a glance at the daunting corner of your room and think to yourself“How does one's laundry pile grow so sizeable in just a mere seven days?” After a long sigh and one too many mutterings of miscellaneous profanities, it is time to start the laundry process- let the sorting begin! Whites in one pile, darks thrown to the other side, and sheets and towels begin getting piled up in the empty corner of your room. You reach the bottom of the basket and find yourself staring at a pile of various Bras and Nuudiis. You have reached a standstill. Your laundry knowledge only goes so far and you begin to ask yourself, do I even knowhow to wash bras? More importantly, was I ever taughthow to wash bras properly? Should washing bras includehow to wash bras in a washing machine? If so, what's the best detergent for bras? Or, do I skip the washing machine altogether and figure out how to hand wash bras? You need help!

To help alleviate some of this newfound stress you decide to divide and conquer. First matter of business, figure out how to wash your Nuudiis! Luckily, you remember that Nuudii has a whole section on their website on how to care for your Nuudii. With Nuudii, you are not limited to just hand washing, you can also machine wash your Nuudiis using the enclosed wash pouch included with every Nuudii purchase. After a quick search around your room, you locate your cute and efficient mesh wash bags and place your Nuudiis inside. It doesn’t take too much thought for you to opt-in on machine washing vs. hand washing. Thankfully, Nuudii loves all earth-friendly detergents. Just make sure there is no bleach involved- you don't want to ruin the print on your new limited edition Nuudii. Before you know it you hear the “Ding” of your washer, singling the cycle is complete. After a glance at Nuudiis care instructions, you read that your Nuudiis can be machine dried at low temperature or hang dried. Once again, with little hesitation, you decide to throw your Nuudiis in the dryer. Nuudii makes life easy!

Congratulations are needed, you have successfully washed your Nuudiis. Now, it is time for the more daunting task, figuring out how to wash bras. More importantly, how to properly wash a bra. Does figuring out how to wash bras properly include how to hand wash bras? Or, are you supposed to opt out of hand washing altogether and try to figure out how to wash bras in a washing machine? In order to figure out what route you are taking, machine washing vs. hand washing, you must first figure out what is needed for both methods. Sticking on trend with your Nuudiis, let's dive into how to wash bras in the washing machine!

It’s time to gather your materials. Unlike Nuudii, traditional bras do not come with a nifty wash bag. Due to this, you are going to need to start digging around your laundry room in an attempt to find a lingerie bag. After minutes that felt like hours you locate your wash bag, now it is time to figure out the best detergent for bras. Although any liquid detergent is fine, it is best to use one on the mild end. Once the detergent has been located and the bras are enclosed in a wash bag, you have the go ahead to throw them in the washer. Beware, your bras should only be washed with a small load of laundry and on a delicate cycle.

Before we get into the daunting drying process lets review how to hand wash bras, after all, this is how to properly wash a bra. There is no denying that in order to extend your bra's shelf life the best way to wash bras is by hand. Let’s gather our supplies! First things first, you're going to need to find an empty sink. From there, you're going to fill your sink up with about a gallon of cool water, add your detergent and dump your bras in to soak. Once your bras have been soaking for roughly 15 minutes you are going to rinse them under cool water to get all the soapy suds out. Easy enough right? Unless of course they have tons of padding and love to soak up those suds UGH!

After outlining all your how to wash bras options you opt in to machine washing them. Although you know this is not the best way to wash bras, you decide you do not want to spend the time hand washing bras in the sink, after all, you still need to deal with drying them! Unlike Nuudii, bras can not, nor should not be dried in a dryer, instead, they need to be air dried. Machine drying your bras will damage and distort not only the underwire but also the structure of the cups themselves,(yes structure! and you know how much we dislike structure, or rules for that matter!). Due to this, you now need to go locate some realm of clothespins and maybe even a drying rack. Not only that, you need to find the space to hang up your bras on full display while you wait for them to dry. In addition to taking up space, you just added on several hours to this laundry process. You take a look at the clock, touch your damp bra and realize that you are not going to be able to wear that padded bra to date-night tonight.

Luckily, since Nuudii System is completely hardware free you don't need to worry about any of this. Ultra lightweight and designed with absolutely no padding at all, your Nuudii will dry within minutes. Here’s a secret, a few of us have even blowed Nuudii dry with a blow dryer on a light setting. Not only that, but Nuudiis moisture wicking fabrics help to eliminate the dreaded boob sweat. Our innovation allows you to wash your boobature less frequently then you would traditional bulky bras.

Before you know it, Sunday is coming to an end. After a long and stressful process, you are able to close out laundry day with some final takeaways. First and foremost, you know how to wash bras. You know how to wash bras properly, the best detergent for bras, and how the steps of washing bras differs from how to hand wash bras vs. how to wash bras in a washing machine. More importantly, you know how the process of washing/drying your Nuudiis differs from that of a traditional bra. You are ending off laundry day with knowledge, clean bras, fresh Nuudiis, and the promise to yourself that from now on you will stick with Nuudii vs. traditional bras. After all, Nuudii makes life easy, it’s boobwear made with your lifestyle in mind.

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