Should you Wear a Bra to Bed?

Some individuals can’t wait for the clock to strike that sweet time of day signaling it's time to take their bra off. That amazing moment where you are able to reach around your back, unclasp the band that has been digging into you all day and let your boobs be free. The sigh of relief you have while you put on a cozy oversized tee shirt, knowing that you have at least 12 hours of rest and relaxation until you need to put your much dreaded bra back on. However, not everyone feels this way. Some people delight in wearing a bra so much that they choose to sleep in their bra. Ask yourself, why would you wear a bra to bed, better yet, should you wear a bra to bed? Is sleeping with a bra on bad for you, if so why is it bad to sleep in a bra? In order to answer the question “Should, you wear a bra to bed” we must first dive into any and all implications that may stem from sleeping with a bra on.

First things first, let us enter the world of gossip and acknowledge some of the key rumors floating around regarding why sleeping with a bra on is apparently bad for you. With a heavy sigh of relief, I am happy to inform you that no, wearing a bra at night will not cause breast cancer or impair blood circulation. In addition, no, breast growth will not be stunted and you will not forever be a part of the IBTC if you choose to sleep in a bra. It’s important to keep in mind that sleeping with a bra on is not completely harmless. If you choose to sleep in the same dirty, bacteria-filled bra that you have been wearing all day, there is a chance you can develop some realm of skin irritation and/or chest acne. Don’t worry there is an easy solution to this, if you want to sleep in a bra, make sure it’s clean! If you need to refresh your memory on how to wash a bra, we got you covered here.

However, while sleeping with a bra on will not cause any major health issues, it is also not a miracle-worker, sorry. So no, wearing a bra at night will not prevent your boobs from losing elasticity in the future. In layman's terms, thanks to genetics, gravity, and body habits your boobs will most likely still droop one day. It's okay, boobs are boob shaped and we like it that way!

Now that I have broken that news to you, let's dive back into our initial question, “Should you wear a bra to bed?” To put it simply, it’s completely up to you; there are virtually no reasons proving sleeping with a bra on is bad for you while there is also nothing dictating whether wearing a bra at night is beneficial. So, why do some women choose to sleep in a bra? According to Healthline, “Depending on your breast size, sleeping in a bra can limit breast movement, which can help alleviate breast pain and lead to more comfortable sleep.” Board-certified OBGYN Dr. Lucy Sekhon also noted ​​”sleeping in a bra can reduce discomfort related to breast swelling—whether due to hormonal changes, engorgement during breastfeeding, or when trying to wean off of breastfeeding.”

Since you now know that you can wear a bra to bed if you want to, let me share some insight into what type of bra you should wear to bed. Factor one, as mentioned prior, you must wear a clean bra to bed! Honestly, this should go without saying. Think of it this way, you would not wear dirty underwear to bed, don't wear a dirty bra to bed. Factor two, comfort is key! You want to ensure that the bra you are wearing to bed is free of bulky hardware, pesky clasps and padding so thick your boobs will not be able to take one breath of fresh air. Factor three, make sure it's flexible! Just like you would not sleep in pajama bras that are a size too small- don't sleep in a tiny bra that applies pressure to your chest. So what’s the perfect bra to wear to bed you may ask? Well I’ll tell you the answer, but it’s not a bra at all.

Nuudii System, the option between bra and braless that is so comfortable you’ll want to sleep in it! What makes Nuudii so comfortable? Feather light and hardware free, Nuudii is made out of a 360 degree moisture wicking stretch fabric that gently hugs and cradles your natural shape. Who wouldn't want to feel subtly held while sleeping? When asked about her experience sleeping in her Nuudii, customer E.R said “It’s so comfortable that I can wear it all day and sleep in it no problem.” Happy customer B.A also noted her Nuudii is “Even comfortable to sleep in because you forget it’s on!”

To sum it all up, the question at hand, “should you wear a bra to bed?” has no true answer, it’s purely personal. There's nothing inherently bad that occurs if you wear a bra to bed. Just like there is nothing magical that is going to happen if you do sleep in a bra. There is no concrete evidence that physical harm will increase and or your boobs will more likely stay perky. The question of should you sleep with a bra is all a matter of personal preference. Yes, if you feel more comfortable in a bra then of course you should be wearing a bra at night. But remember, there are no “shoulds” when it comes to our bodies. If you would rather let the boobs hang free then go do that, no one is stopping you! Your boobs are your boobs, and we say you should only wear a bra to bed if you want to, or better yet grab your Nuudii the option between bra and braless!

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