Side Boob with Nuudii: The Art of Revealing Made Easy

You’ve seen it on red carpet events and street style blogs: the subtle sexiness of side boob on display. Whether it’s Bella Hadid in a draped white tank or Florence Pugh in a tuxedo gown, celebrities are baring the boob. What we don’t see are the hours spent with their stylist, the yards of tape used to keep their boobs perfectly contorted and perched. For everyday ladies like us, we don’t have the luxury of a stylist or hours to spend. We’ve all been there- strips of tape strewn across the room, arms shaking, rashes forming, asking yourself if it’s time to just give up. And if by some stroke of luck, we’ve manufactured our girls in place, we’re in for a night of readjusting and the pain of ripping it off at the end. But fear not sisters, it’s time to put down the art project and pick up one simple item: Nuudii.

Bella Hadid in white top

Unlike the bras and bralettes cut high under the arm and sides, Nuudii is made for showing off side boob! Made from our light, formless, and flexible fabric, the Nuudii cradles your boobs while keeping your natural shape. Cut low on the side, Nuudii accomplishes side boob effortlessly. Forget the fears of one wrong move in tape and rock your side boob with ease!

Here are just a few reasons why wearing a Nuudii is a great option for styling side boob:

  • Comfort: Unlike boob tape and pasties, uncomfortable and sticky, Nuudii is designed to provide just enough support without any discomfort.
  • Versatility: Nuudii is designed for adaptability, to be worn as an accent to clothing styles, or layered under other items.
  • Personalized: Nuudii products come in various sizes and colors, allowing you to find your perfect fit and match.
  • Positivity: Nuudii believes in the celebration of natural body shapes and allowing for side boob boosts comfortability in your own skin.

image on left: @bellahadid/instagram

But the best reason why Nuudii is made for the side boob trend is intentionality! Nuudii is not about covering up and gives the perfect peek of the side boob we’re all hoping for. By allowing for cleavage and side boob to show, Nuudii achieves a softly-sexy style. No need to shy away from your stretch marks, asymmetry, or fine lines anymore. Boob tape and pasties are about covering and reshaping; two ancient ideals. Nuudii is all about the beauty of natural boobs. So what better product for a trend flaunting them?

Now let’s dive into the fun part: styling with Nuudii! Slip on one of our many unique styles like the Tee, Halter, or Scoop, and you’re set for a celebrity-level side boob statement. A favorite for styling the side profile is our Tee System. With minimal coverage on the side, the Tee is made for side boob! And with over 12 ways to wear it, you can rock any kind of side boob style. For the same amount of exposure but with open-back tops, try the Halter System. Made with the same low cut on the side, the Halter is your secret weapon for flaunting the back and side boob! And if you want just the smallest hint of side boob, the Scoop System is for you. With a smidge more coverage on the side, the Scoop is perfect for the days when you just want a little peek to shine through. 

For a classic look, try a Nuudii with a wide armhole tank top. For a clean effortless look try a white racerback tank with our Tee in Light, paired with your favorite jeans. Or, try our Tee in Black with a high-neck tank and trousers. Another casual yet chic option is a loose-fitting t-shirt with deep armholes that allows for that side boob to show. Pair it with our Scoop in Brownz with a long silk skirt for the perfect balance. Simple tops matched with a Nuudii are perfect for any day or night with friends.

Woman sitting on the couch wearing the Nuudii Tee System in Creme wearing clothing

For a dressed-up look, try a side boob pop with a dress! Choose your favorite dress with a side cutout or deep V-neckline that allows for a peek-through on the side. For date night, try a classic black mini dress with our Halter. Or for a formal event, wear an evening gown with our Halter in Creme for a seamless blend-in. Feel free to accessorize to make it your own but remember: your side boob is there to steal the show!

And if you’re not comfortable showing side boob that's perfectly okay! Don’t try to force yourself or your boobs into a specific trend. Nuudii is meant for everyday wear and easily slipped on under any apparel.

We’ve come a long way from binding corsets and Wonderbras, but in so many ways we’re still years behind. Trends still encourage women to warp their bodies, leaving us with rashes on our chests and band-aids on our nipples. Instead of torturing your boobs, give them a present: Nuudii! And when you find yourself reaching for that open-back, low-cut top, hoping to show off that side boob profile, don’t stress about the hassle that comes with it. Just slip on your Nuudii and the work is done for you. Slay every boob trend with your Nuudii- side boob is just the beginning!

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