How to Hide Bra Straps

Picture this, it’s July 4th weekend and you're getting ready for the annual summer get-together. Amidst the excitement, you can’t seem to decide if you are more elated for the delicious food you’re about to be consuming (courtesy of Uncle Mike on the BBQ), or to finally wear that new one-shoulder dress that’s been hanging in your closet. You spend a bit too long doing your hair and makeup and before you know it it’s time to get dressed. After putting on your bra and underwear you throw on your new dress. Glancing in the mirror, your excitement has quickly diminished as you now realize you have a major fashion no-no on your hands- your bra straps are showing! Let the hiding bra straps brainstorm begin!

It’s 12:15 pm, you have roughly 15 minutes to figure out how to hide your bra straps before you become so late to the BBQ that it is not even socially acceptable to use the excuse of “fashionably late.” You head to your trusty sidekick, Google, and quickly search, “How to hide bra straps?” Within seconds you are greeted by various results; “how to hide bra straps with a hair tie,” “how to hide bra straps with racerback tanks,” “ways to hide bra straps,” “bra strap hacks.” After a quick scroll, you realize you do not have the time to sift through these articles, search around your room for a hair tie, or watch the various YouTube videos showing how to DIY hiding bra straps.

Okay, change of plans- we are ditching the bra and switching to Nuudii System. This option between bra and braless is a true wardrobe essential. Not only is it extremely comfortable but its versatile straps allow for over 12+ ways to wear. You play around with the straps for a bit before you simply place both straps over your head so they comfortably lay on one shoulder. It’s only 12:17 pm and you have now effortlessly achieved that one-shoulder look and it's comfortable and secure. You put your dress back on hoping that your issue has been solved and you are ready to leave. However, that is not the case- your straps are still showing a tiny bit and you need to continue your brainstorm on how to make bra straps not show.

Think, think, think- you got it! You remembered that along with your Nuudii you purchased a Nuudii System Accessory Kit. Consisting of 16 pairs of toggles and two back clips, the accessory kit is described as the perfect solution to maximize your Nuudiis versatility. The unique Nuudii toggle can easily turn your two straps into one slim strap - creating endless ways to expand your wardrobe. Opening up the sleek tin, you are confident that these toggles and back clips will be the bra strap hack you’ve been looking for.

Okay, white dress, let's use the clear toggles. Removing two of the clear toggles from the kit you quickly and effortlessly are able to hook one toggle over each set of straps. With the toggle, you are able to transform the two-strap system into one. Now, instead of having to dig around your bathroom drawers to find a hair tie to configure “how to hide straps with a hair tie,” you were able to successfully hide the straps with a sleek, effortless, lightweight toggle.

12:22 pm, you breathe a sigh of relief and do a quick twirl in the mirror. Admiring your work on hiding bra straps only goes so far before you realize you still have some issues going on in the back. These straps are not going to stop you from wearing this dress and throwing on a jacket to cover up the back is not an option considering it's a high of 85 degrees today. Thanks to Nuudii toggles you have figured out how to not show bra straps in the front of your dress. Surely, there has to be a way to hide bra straps in the back as well. Back to the Nuudii System Accessory Kit you go!

Bra strap hacks, bra strap hacks, something needs to help me figure out the ways to hide bra straps. Let's try the Nuudii System back clip. Sticking to the theme, white dress means we opt for the clear back clip. By securing the straps within the two prongs on the back clip, I am able to effortlessly transform my Nuudii to match what's going on in the back of my dress. Just like that, I’ve figured out how to make bra straps not show.

12:25 pm, with five minutes to spare, it’s time for the final check. Standing in front of my mirror, I am greeted by a seamless white dress, no straps, nowhere to be seen! Ready for a spin? The moment of truth has come. The smile on my face can be seen a mile away. Not only have I succeeded in figuring out how to hide bra straps, but I will make it to the BBQ on time! Better yet, I am so comfortable in my Nuudii that I can plan to stay at the BBQ for hours and eat all of Uncle Mike's burgers that I want.

12:30 pm… I am in the car heading to the BBQ. Not only has Nuudii System and Nuudii System Accessory Kit saved the day but it has also expanded my wardrobe options indefinitely. The versatile straps in combination with black and clear toggles and back clips allow me to wear all the clothing items that have been residing in my closet for longer than I would like to admit. With Nuudii, I do not need to struggle to figure out how to hide bra straps, how to make bra straps not show, or ways to hide bra straps. With Nuudii, I do not need to scavenge for hair ties and attempt to use these to hide bra straps. I have forever found the solution to bra strap hacks, and its Nuudii System in combination with the Nuudii System Accessory Kit.

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