Yoga Outfit Ideas You Will Absolutely Love

What’s more comfortable than the perfect pair of yoga pants? Apart from the fit of aNuudii, we can think of little else! But while the rightyoga outfits are so comfortable you want to live in them, it’s also essential that they move with your body as you do yoga. After all, even the simplest yoga poses can feel awkward in saggy or too-tight clothes.

How can you ensure maximum comfort without compromising on style for youryoga look? Here’s how to choose youryoga outfit sets, along with some stylish feel-goodyoga outfit ideas

What to Wear to Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to relax and meditate while still moving your body and keeping fit. But to get the most out of your session you need to make sure you’re in the right state mentally as well as physically. Personal preference is key, but thebest yoga outfits have the following in common: 

  • Breathability: Like all other forms of workout wear, your yoga outfit sets should be able to keep you cool and comfortable no matter how much you sweat. Choose moisture-wicking materials like bamboo over cotton. Cotton holds moisture which makes you hot and damp during the workout, and chilly when it cools down. 
  • Flexibility: It goes without saying that you need stretchy clothes to accommodate all the bending, lunging, and reaching of yoga. Go for items made with at least 15% spandex. 
  • Form-fitting and comfortable: You don’t want your top hanging over your head when you’re upside down or a waistband that’s too tight and digs into you as you move. 

Make sure youryoga outfit ideas check these boxes and you should be good to go, no matter the style you prefer. 

So what styles are the best? Luckily, yoga wear is growing in popularity—the options are endless. 

Trendy Yoga Outfits

Some trendy yoga clothes we’ve noticed enthusiasts are currently loving include:

1. High-Waist Leggings

There’s no denying it, high-waist pants are here to stay. And with good reason! Nothing beats the support and comfort of a high-waist legging. High-waisted bottoms are great in the studio because you’ll never have to worry about them sliding down, no matter the pose or stretch. At the same time, they are flattering to all types of bodies. Opt for high-waisted leggings if you’d like the freedom of wearing only a sports bra with your bottoms but are worried about showing off too much skin. They’ll give you a chic, streamlined look to complement the rest of your stylish yoga apparel.

2. The Nuudii Tee System

Speaking of sports bras that combine comfort and style, Nuudii is a yoga essential truly made with the yoga lifestyle in mind. The Nuudii Tee System is especially perfect for yoga as it was developed with 12+ ways to wear it. One of the ways of wearing, where you cross the middle straps over your head, making an X across your chest, closes the open gap between your boobs which makes it perfect for those bent-over poses that can result in a nip-slip.

The Nuudii’s 360-degree stretch feels secure as it hugs all your natural curves, yet still moves with you. It’s also made of fabric that has wicking properties so you stay dry and comfortable even in hot yoga.

3. Cropped Tanks

Crop tops are all the rage in today’s fashion, and the trend has made its way into yoga and athleisure wear too. Like sports bras, cropped tops are some of the breeziest options in the yoga game. But not all of them are created equal. Form-fitting tops or those with a band at the bottom are ideal to prevent them from riding up. Nothing says cute yoga clothes like a twist-front crop tank paired with matching leggings.

Cute Yoga Outfits

Keep it chic in the studio with these yoga outfit ideas:

4. Matching Sets

If you like to easily look put together and stylish with minimal effort, you’ll love the freedom a good matching set gives you. A leggings and bra combination will take the work out of putting together outfits, not to mention the ease of throwing it on when you’re late for class. But there’s a catch: Stay away from the boring black and blues, they’re a short step above throwing on an old t-shirt!

5. Biker Shorts

Stay up to date with the latest trends in athleisure while still looking glam as you power through your stretches. We love biker shorts for their ability to go from a casual hangout to the yoga studio. They also translate nicely to a variety of other sports and workouts.

Everyone can find a pair of yoga biker shorts that work for their body type as they come in a variety of options—from the high-waisted short to the side string short, full coverage short, and more. Choose also from a variety of prints and colors and you’re right on theme for cute yoga outfit ideas.

6. Capri/Crop Leggings

If you’re looking for cute yoga apparel for warmer weather, Capri leggings are the next best thing to shorts. They come in a variety of colors, prints, fabrics, and high and regular waisted options, so there is a cropped legging to suit any style preference. Crop leggings are also perfect for those on the shorter side who find themselves having to fold full-length leggings.

Unique Yoga Apparel

7. Prints

Gym wear colors are often extremely limited and can get monotonous and boring, but prints can add a much-needed splash of excitement and color to your yoga outfit. What’s more, you can use them to help camouflage problem areas or create an illusion of a slender frame. For example, you can style a printed top with a neutral bottom if you’re pear-shaped, or vice versa if you’re top-heavy.

You can also choose to go all out and wear a matching set. Remember, prints don’t have to be loud and flashy. Even muted pieces like our Viper Nuudii can elevate an otherwise-dull yoga outfit.

8. Mesh Panels

Activewear with mesh panels is a favorite of those who want style and functionality. Workout gear designed with mesh panels is extra breathable and lightweight, but women love them more for the alluring and luxe look they add to any outfit.

This is the detail to go for if you’re color-averse but still want to be in-vogue—monochromatic outfits with sheer panels are as sophisticated as it gets when it comes to activewear. But that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t look just as great in eye-catching patterns and lush colors. This functional accent looks great on practically anyone and any outfit.

9. Color Blocked Pieces

Give your yoga wardrobe a fashionable upgrade with modern color-blocked items. Think leggings with different color legs or tops with panels of different solid colors. Don’t be afraid to choose bright pieces. People appreciate mood-boosting colors like lemon or peach both in and out of the yoga studio.

Boobwear Made With the Yoga Lover In Mind

Yoga is all about feeling in tune with your body—that’s why you need an outfit that you can be 100% comfortable in. So comfortable that you forget it’s even there.

That’s exactly what Nuudii is created to do. Its fabric is soft enough to feel like a second skin, yet still provides the support you need to perform all kinds of yoga movements. There’s nothing better than the fit of it. Try our braless alternatives today!

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