Embracing the Braless Fashion Trend

We've seen it on the runways and even in mainstream media, but the braless fashion trend is now flooding the masses.

Contrary to common perception, wearing a bra (or any other undergarment) is not required. You don't have to wear a bra, just as you don't have to follow any specific "body type" fashion norms.

While bras give support and coverage, it's not the only option available to you.

Today, we're going to cover different looks you should wear braless, and how to embrace braless fashion 2021!

What is the Braless Fashion Trend?

It may seem trite at this point, but there is no sweeter sensation than arriving home and instantly removing the bra that has been pinching you all day. However, on days when you don't need a bra, why not leave it at home? While we understand that forgoing support might be difficult for some women, we say go for it and adopt braless fashion trends if your bra is getting in the way.

Because of the pandemic, individuals worldwide prioritized comfort over style, allowing many women to ditch the uncomfortable and confining bras they had grown to despise.

The no-bra movement, of course, predates COVID-19. Activists in the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s burned and disposed of undesirable brassieres as a political statement. The debate over whether bras are truly required or merely a patriarchal invention has resurfaced several times since then. Regardless of where you fall on the necessity of bras, there's still no denying the joy of taking one-off after a long day.

How to Go Braless

The easiest way to go braless is to simply quit wearing a bra. However, for the majority of us, it's a sentiment that's easier said than done. If you've been wearing a bra practically every day since you first hit puberty, not wearing one may seem odd at first.

In fact, we've been trained to expect it while speed walking downtown, hustling through the office, or even waiting in line at the coffee shop. The feeling of the wire beneath our breast has gotten habitual, that it may feel strange when it's gone.

That is true for each new experience: the first time is always the most difficult. So, if you're ready to drop your bras cold turkey, go for it; for those who aren't so sure, there are lots of methods to ease into it. A fantastic approach to start is to search through your closet and choose clothes that you can wear without a bra, such as a tight-fitting black tank top or a loose button-up shirt.

Even better, if you want the sensation of joining the braless trends while still getting the support you need, then you should try out the Nuudii System.

Nuudii is a "non-bra" that bridges the gap between wearing a bra and going completely free.

Nuudii is free of the obtrusive elements seen in today's bras, such as wires, gels, adhesives, and whatever else they're scheming to put into them. Best yet, it isn't rigid to reshape your boob. Nuudii gives your breasts a modest lift and covering while maintaining their natural contour. As a result, you'll have support that looks and feels as natural as possible. Put another way, you won't feel like you're wearing a bra because it isn't one.

Nuudii's unique technology and light, flexible fabric offers superior comfort that makes your breasts seem weightless while maintaining the natural curve of your boobs.

6 Great Braless Looks for Everyday Wear

So, here's what to wear instead of a bra and how to put together the best braless looks:

1. A Form-fitting Tank Top

This is the simplest and most convenient way to get everyday braless looks is to throw on a tight tank top. It will hold the girls in place and give them more control over their appearance.

2. Large Jackets

Oversized jackets, blazers, or coats are your greatest friend since they allow you to wear them without worrying about anyone seeing you're not wearing a bra. Drape yourself in one and bask in your newfound freedom.

3. Oversized Sweaters

Winter's coziest feature is huge sweaters and jackets that allow us to have braless looks, worry-free. Put a tight tank top under your sweater to keep your boobs in place if you’re still concerned.

4. Scarves

One of the nicest things you can do is put on a scarf. Big blanket scarves will practically cover everything in the cold. You'll be safe, comfortable, and warm.

5. Patterns and Lace

Lace, stitching, beads, and designs with a lot of detail are terrific methods to draw attention away from your boobs if you're self-conscious.

6. A Fitted Evening Dress

For easy braless outfits, you might choose a dress with a tight fit on top that will hug and embrace your shape. If you're self-conscious about your nipples showing, choose a dress make from a thicker or more structured material.

Find Freedom with Nuudii

The braless fashion trend isn’t disappearing anytime soon, and we understand its mass adoption. While you may be thinking of embracing the "au naturel'' approach, there's a better way to blend the worlds of comfort and support, and that's with the Nuudii braless support system. After all, we're dedicated to making living with boobs a lot simpler. Your boobs are cradled, not constricted, with Nuudii. Nuudii embraces your natural form, and our ultralight technology is so comfy that you may wear it to bed.

Nuudii is more than "just a better bra." It's a breakthrough and, dare we say, a complete revolution for your breasts. Get in touch with us right now to find your ideal fit!

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