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How to Wear the Nuudii Tee System

The Nuudii Tee System is not a bralette, nor a bra, just like the Halter System is not a halter bralette, nor a halter bra. They are very different. Instructions on wearing the Nuudii Tee System or Nuudii Halter System are key to maximizing how both can be used for lifestyle activities and for wearing with unique styles of clothing. With Nuudii, unlike with a bralette whereways to wear a bralette, andhow to wear a bralette, is not necessary, it’s helpful to get a bit of guidance on how to wear it for yoga, hiking, and even dancing. There are thousands of fabulous clothing options that are challenging to wear because it’s difficult to find that suitable first-layer when you want something between you and the world. That’s why everyone needs a Nuudii System. Nuudii’s fit, feel, and function are as unique as its design. With our lightweight, (and sometimes sheer) 360-degree stretch fabric, and our two-strap design, there are endless ways to wear the Nuudii Tee System and Nuudii Halter System. Read on to learn more about how to wear Nuudii System and what it feels like!

Nuudii is NOT a Bralette & Here’s Why

It’s pretty obvious that instructions aren’t needed when thinking abouthow to wear a bralette, orhow to wear a halter bralette. You just put the bralette on and go. Though the ease of throwing on a bralette might seem nice in theory, what it really means is that they are not accommodating to your lifestyle. There aren’t many ways to wear a bralette except to simplywear your bralette under atee-shirt, orwear your bralette under your clothes. They offer very little or no way of adapting to different styles of clothing. With the Nuudii Tee System, you may be fooled into thinking that it is just another bralette designed with some extra straps and thatwe are going to show youhow to wear a strappy bralette, but that is far from the truth. Bralettes, even strappy bralettes, don’t perform or feel like Nuudii System does. 

How Nuudii System Feels on the Body

Nuudii System’s base fabric is light, stretchy, and completely formless. Your boobs' natural shape is hugged by our cradles (not cups). Nuudii is unique in that you sense it on your body as it fits your every curve, yet you can barely feel it. Hence why we call Nuudii System the option between bra and braless. We like to tell it like it is!

How to Wear Nuudii System

When beginning your journey with Nuudii System, it’s vital that you have the correct size. Nuudii has a unique two-letter sizing system that makes sizing easy. The first letter stands for the band size, and the second letter for the cradle (we don’t like to use the word cup because Nuudii does not cup your boobs). If you need more information on how to convert your traditional bra size to your Nuudii size, check out our Traditional Bra Size Guide. Once you have the right size, follow our three simple steps - set, stretch, and forget! Set: The first step to wearing your Nuudii is to lay the band straight around your body, directly under your boobs. If the band is moving up your body, you may be wearing the incorrect size as it is designed to fit snugly without compressing. As with most stretch fabrics, the band should relax around ½ inch after wearing for a while. Remember, these directions don’t apply tohow to wear a bralette,or adjusting a bralette, because Nuudii is made differently and fits differently. Stretch: The second step to wearing your Nuudii is to reach into the cradle with your thumbs on the middle seam and give it a gentle stretch outward. The goal is for the seam to stretch and flatten over the nipple. This step is very important in order for Nuudii to hug and conform to your natural shape, unlike bras and bralettes. Forget: The last step to wearing your Nuudii is to forget it’s even on! 

Nuudii System looks and feels different! Nuudii’s cradle is created with a nipple pocket meaning it won't completely compress your nipple, giving you a natural look and extremely comfortable feeling. There are no wires, padding, hardware, bones, or labels to distract, or cause you discomfort. Nuudiis are quick-drying, naturally wickable, and machine washable (and dried). They are unbelievably compact which makes them perfect for travel. 

Nuudii System Challenges the Bra Industry

We’re now going to take a look at the difference between how to wear a bralette, orstyle a bralette versus the many ways you can wear and style Nuudii System.One major problem plaguing the world of fashion is that designers do not design clothing with bras, or bralettes in mind. This leaves us with amazing clothing styles that often don't work with bras or bralettes. One may end up wearing either underneath, but most times it's an awkward fit, or the straps of the bra or bralette peeks out, distracting from the design! Well, Nuudii System is far from a bra or bralette. Nuudii is made specifically with lifestyle and fashion styles in mind. It was created to “support” your life, not “support” your boobs! Nuudii System is truly the option between bra and braless. Nuudii’s stretchy two-strap design allows you to create over 12+ ways of wearing for a variety of lifestyle activities and fashion choices. Withbralettes, how-to-wear choices are extremely limitedand most times they can only be worn one way.

With the growing demand for comfortable clothing, designers have gone to great lengths to create new and interesting designs in tee shirts, tops, and dresses to keep their fashion aesthetic from becoming a bore. On both the runway and in stores, there are lots of one-shoulder styles, cut outs in all sorts of places, extreme v-necks, low back, and straps that are playful and unique. With all this fun fashion, you are probably thinking - how would I wear a bralette underneath or, better yet, howcould I wear a bralette underneath? The consensus is you can’t! If you want to complement, or even keep the design focused on your outfit, don’t reach for anything but a Nuudii!  If you didn’t already know, Nuudii System originated out of the founder’s desire to wear her uniquely designed and skin-baring wedding dress! The very essence of our brand is solution based. We make it as easy as possible for you to choose how many ways you wear your Nuudii. Take a look at our accessory kit, which can help you expand your fashion choices even more. We are currently building a design library so you can get inspiration on ways to wear your Nuudii and adapt it to your closet. Nuudii System’s flexibility and endless ways to wear is the solution to your closet, your activities and, simply put, your LIFE. We told you and will tell you again - Nuudii is not a bra, or a bralette. Nuudii feels different, fits differently, and functions differently than anything on the market. If you haven’t already, give us a try.

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