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International customer? Find your US size by using our Size Conversion Guide here.

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Find Your Size HEre

International customer? Find your US size by using our Size Conversion Guide here.

Need some one-on-one help? Schedule a virtual fit session.


Size: SS

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The Tee System is boobwear made with you and your lifestyle in mind. Made for the minimalist with a maximalist wardrobe. With 12+ ways to wear, the Tee System can take you from work to wedding and everything in between.

Nuudii is not a bra, it is the option between bra and braless. With fabric soft enough to feel like a second skin, Nuudii is formless and gently hugs and cradles your natural shape while providing a subtle lift.

Packaged in a nifty wash/travel pouch.

Material: 73% Nylon, 27% Elastane (100% Amazing)

Designed in the U.S., made in Turkey.


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radical innovation for boobs

The Option Between Bra and Braless

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Hate bras? Us too!

For so long, we’ve been conditioned to believe that our boobs are flawed in our natural form but we’re calling BS. Say goodbye to a subpar fit, hardware that digs, and the feeling of being pinched and squeezed by a torture device also known as a bra.

Say hello to boob freedom with Nuudii, the option between bra and braless.

Grab-and-Go Boobwear

Using advanced technology & our patented design, we've created grab-and-go lifestyle products that fit, feel, and function differently.

Our fabric is one-of-a-kind, offers 360 degrees of stretch, and hugs your shape like no other boobwear product.

Ready to experience the freedom of Nuudii?

Worn To Be Seen

Have a wardrobe full of basics? Crisscross your straps to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your everyday look. Feel like showing off some more skin? Ditch your top and let your Nuudii Tee System be the star of the show. Your Nuudii, your choice!

Woman wearing a black wrap and skirt and the Tee System in Black

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Sizing FAQs

Take a look at our size chart here! We’ve made sizing simple with our easy two-letter size system. The first letter = your band size and the second letter = your “cup” size... but we prefer “cradle” since boobs aren’t cup-shaped. For example, if you’re a traditional 34C, your Nuudii size is MM.

Given the amazing diversity of our bodies, sizing will always remain something of an inexact science. Unfortunately, if you are not seeing your size on our size chart we currently do not offer a Nuudii for your traditional bra size. We understand this is disappointing and can assure you that our team is hard at work creating new developments so we can continue to expand.

Wear & Care FAQs

Caring for your Nuudii is just as easy as wearing it! Hand or machine wash your Nuudii in an enclosed wash pouch, so it doesn’t get caught or snagged on other garments. We recommend washing it in your Nuudii wash pouch.

Nuudii loves earth-friendly detergents - that means no bleach!

To dry, hang - or better yet - machine dry at low temperature. Unlike bras, Nuudii can handle a little heat, has a memory, and returns to its original form when dry.

Nuudii is strong but the fabric is not indestructible. To extend the lifetime of your Nuudii, we recommend washing it in the wash pouch. We also encourage removing your jewelry before putting on and taking off your Nuudii, to avoid snags.

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