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Why Nuudii ?

For the last 100 years since the first bra was invented, our breasts have been shaped into whatever the bra market decided was “in”. Boobs were flattened in the 20's, shaped like bullets in the 40's, lifted, separated, pushed up with pads, molded into Barbie boobs without nipples... all with the underlying theme: boobs aren’t okay in their natural shape, so they were made to look like bras!

We are challenging that! Nuudii System is not a bra. Our light flexible fabric isn’t here to shape, form, or radically hike up our boobs because we have the right to own our beautifully unique shapes. We support U being U! Nuudii is the option between bra and braless, hugging like skin, all while giving us the most subtle hold so our boobs can keep their own natural look and feel. What we are offering here is a new kind of freedom and experience.

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