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Meet Nuudii System

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With Nuudii your boobs can look like boobs, not bras. Our soft formless cradle hugs your natural shape while providing a subtle lift. We don’t believe in hardware - that’s for computers. Nuudii’s unique double strap system can be worn 12+ ways, offering maximum versatility to address your free-thinking, free-living, busy as F**K life of today.

CEO & Founder

This radical innovation for boobs is the brain-child of Annette Azan, a 25-year veteran of the fashion industry. This visionary is relentless in her quest to remind women to tap into the power that lives within their bodies. The first Nuudii was born out of her desire to find something she could wear under her sheer wedding dress in 2011. There was nothing on the market that afforded a light braless look and feel. Once on her body, she noticed it let her have her authentic boob shape and it disappeared under her dress. She felt a profound freedom and intense sensuality! Her passion for championing women to reclaim and embrace their shape is a straight-up revolution for anyone with boobs.

Nuudii System is a proud woman-founded, women-led business - built with the help of a strong team and co-creation from over 500+ women, ages 16 to 94. Our mission is to make lives easier, wardrobe choices broader and allow women to reconnect with their bodies and foster emotional and physical wellbeing.

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