Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System
Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System

Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System

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FINAL SALE. Price reduced Wanderlust Nuudii Tee Systems (noted with "Save $10") are considered final sale and are not eligible for return or exchange. Cannot be combined with additional promotions.

Introducing our limited edition Wanderlust Nuudii Tee System! Just like boobs, each Wanderlust Nuudii is unique and one of a kind. The individually hand dyed pattern is created through our batik dye process and will vary on each Nuudii. 

Nuudii Tee System is boobwear made with you and your lifestyle in mind. With fabric soft enough to feel like a second skin, Nuudii is formless and gently hugs and cradles your natural shape while providing a subtle lift. By barely feeling it but feeling like yourself in it, you’ll understand why our patented design is the option between bra and braless.

  • Feather-light & hardware-free
  • 360° stretch
  • Patented design - designed in the US, made in Turkey
  • Material: 73% Nylon, 27% Elastane (100% Amazing)
  • Packaged in nifty wash/travel pouch

International orders are final sale and cannot be exchanged. Orders placed with standard shipping are typically fulfilled within 7-10 business days. Thanks for your patience. 


Traditional sizing just doesn’t cut it: Nuudii has made sizing simple with an easy two letter size system. Find your Nuudii fit by clicking here.

Wanderlust is available in SS, MM, ML, LL

The first letter = your band size

The second letter = your “cup” size (we prefer the term “cradle” - boobs aren’t cup-shaped!)

For example, if you are a traditional 34C, your Nuudii size is MM.


Repeat after us: STRETCH, SET, FORGET. This 3-step formula is the key to ensuring that your Nuudii is providing you with maximum comfort and perfectly hugging your natural shape.

STRETCH the fabric from the center seam (at the nipple pocket) outwards, cradling each breast comfortably
SET the band straight around your body and position the straps in place to ensure comfortable wear
FORGET you’re wearing it!

12+ Ways to Wear:
We designed Nuudii to fit seamlessly into every moment of your day, which is why Nuudii’s versatile straps can be worn in 12+ different ways. Finally, boobwear as diverse as your schedule.
Click here to discover all the ways to wear.


Caring for your Nuudii is just as easy as wearing it.

Wash: Hand or machine wash your Nuudii in the enclosed wash pouch.
Nuudii loves earth-friendly detergents - that means no bleach!

Dry: Hang - or better yet - machine dry at low temperature. Unlike traditional bras, Nuudii can handle a little heat.

Protect: Nuudii is strong but the fabric is not indestructible... so please remove your jewelry before putting it on or taking it off. Watch out for those clasps and sharp edges!

Travel: Nuudii folds neatly into its nifty, palm-sized pouch. It’s a perfect travel companion that you can throw into your purse, gym bag or hand luggage.